B2b Marketing – 4 Best Practices to Generate Better ROI

Business Insider

On a good business directory, nothing succeeds better than success. As a Buyer or Seller, the fundamental reason that you have enlisted your company on a particular business to business directory is to generate an online response and demand for your products or services. However, this idea is also the motivation for other businesses to register on the business directory. The trick to stand apart is to follow certain best practices that define the secrets for effective b2b marketing,

Best Practice 1- Managing Demand equates to Generating Demand

Most businesses suffer defeats that impact their long term plans because they haven’t yet mastered the art of managing the current demand for their products or services. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to nail down an order satisfactorily than strive to create more sales. This logic is doubly true in the business directory scenario- a potential trade lead, if convinced of your abilities as a good Seller or Buyer will open up further referential business for you, aside from being a reliable, lasting trade partner. If this trade transaction is hurried upon, with the trader left unsatisfied, the impact upon your standing as a dependable part of the business directory will be severe. Further, all the new sales you have generated at the cost of maintaining a good customer relationship with your existing partners is also affected.

Best Practice 2- Depend upon Social Media to attract new Business

It’s not enough to just create a profile on a good business directory and expect lots of reliable responses in line with your expectations. Your quest to generate the maximum push for your online efforts to find suitable Buyers or Sellers can be supercharged by hitching your marketing message on Social Media Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest etc. These websites connect you to potential trade partners, allow you to ascertain their credentials and convince them about yours and create a reliable brand value for your business. The impact of Social Media Websites dwarf that as can be achieved from traditional mediums like Hoardings, newspaper ads, cold calling etc.

Best Practice 3- Adopt an Integrated Approach

The good thing about b2b marketing is that it allows for flexibility and innovation. While being active on the business directory and social media, you can add your online presence as a vital point in the promotional efforts of your traditional marketing approach. By combining together various marketing strategies, you are formulating a seamless and focussed path that allows prospective online trading partners to rely on you better, backed by your easily available track record.

Best Practice 4- Cherish Loyalty, not just Profits

Sometimes a decision might not profit your business, but will build you tremendous amounts of goodwill. As part of the business directory you must learn to identify options that bring you profits and selections that build goodwill with your fellow traders on the b2b website. The simplest way to build loyalty is to be immediately available to sort all queries, and respond to suggestions posted by your trade partner. Alongside, set a realistic level of expectation with your b2b trade partner- not underplayed in comparison with your offline trading collaborators, or over ambitious if you have had prior success with similar trade partnerships on the business directory. Finally, be ready to handle confrontational situations with your trade partner immediately without allowing the situation to rot and get a whole lot worse.