The infertility treatment of the future

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With IVF Fertility treatment in ADONIS you will get the opportunity of being parents. All the procedures are ahead of its time with professional care and support for the whole duration of medical assistance.

IVF is used to treat all forms of infertility, except when a woman has an anatomically altered shape of uterus. It is an all-purpose procedure that can help in case of infertility problems, both men and women.

ADONIS provides the full examination needed for the IVF treatment and its beginning. The full basis of equipment and medical staff are ready to do their utmost to reach great results for you.

The IVF technique (embryo transfer) is technically quite complex and consists of the following stages, which is highly professional performed by ADONIS embryologists and fertility specialists:

  • Egg maturation with the help of medical stimulation. With egg development, blood tests are performed to determine the hormonal response of the developing follicle and ultrasound procedure is made to monitor the growth of follicles and the ovaries
  • Oocytes (eggs) extraction. This manipulation is made with the help of laparoscopic method or by ultrasound-guided aspiration needle
  • Eggs fertilization. The removed eggs are placed in a special liquid medium, in which then the sperm are added (time of first examination of germ cells is 18 hours after sperm introduction)
  • Embryo introduction into the uterus. After 1-3 days, the embryo is delivered to the uterine cavity through a catheter. An unsuccessful attempt can be reproduced in 3-4 month.

We ensure the best control for your state during the procedure. The highest ADONIS pregnancy rate per IVF cycle provides the best chances for the procedure results.

ADONIS examination before IVF Fertility treatment:

In order to do IVF Fertility treatment, both spouses or a woman herself undergo a comprehensive examination in ADONIS ‘own laboratories with the newest equipment which ensures the precision of results and awareness about your health.

Several tests are performed: blood-RW, HIV-swab, men’s spermogram. We find out the reason why a woman cannot get pregnant; as for the future father, the research is conducted to know his possibility of conception.

There are often fears that IVF procedure may adversely affect a child’s mental abilities. With ADONIS latest neonatology department, the total health is ensured for your future child. Our equipment can screen the embryos at the earliest period of development to identify possible abnormalities.

Moreover, new research has shown that if you want to conceive a totally healthy and smart baby, you may have a better chance if you use IVF Fertility treatment.

ADONIS Fertility IVF treatment  is the newest chance to overcome the main problem for a great amount of people – infertility. We help thousands of clients to gain the happiness of parenting. Don’t be afraid to try the latest technologies of the future. Come to ADONIS clinics and begin the new stage of life with the complete family.